Aurora and Amanda

We Want Your Dream To Flourish


As a passionate and creative type, you want to do your thing, and you don’t want the digital details to bog you down.
You know you need a website, but you’ve been putting it off due to the hassle and the cost.
In the competitive world we live in, a professionally built website gives you an advantage by showcasing your business/dream/project in a way that makes it pop. And, importantly, it also provides a dynamic platform from which to interact with your desired audience.
We know that many new businesses, non-profits, creatives, and individuals with passion projects need a website, but can’t afford one.
We’re here to change that.

We Want To Help You Change The World

We are passionate about helping socially conscious businesses, soulful startups, artists, non-profits, and dreamers of all stripes develop a website that fits their budget.  Our experience in WordPress development, graphic design, and web hosting and maintenance can help you get your business, plan, project, or dream where you need it to be.

Our Promise

We believe in helping to create a more beautiful world through our work, and so we champion Greengeeks web hosting – a hosting service that offsets 300% of their carbon footprint. 

We especially like to work with: musicians, artists, social/racial/environmental justice organizations, education-based projects, health and wellness professionals, permaculture practitioners, environmental stewards, yoga teachers, spiritual practitioners, coaches/therapists/teachers, and heart-centered woo-woo folks of all varieties. We’re passionate people and we are here to support other passionate people.

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