Why GreenGeeks Web Hosting?

Every website needs hosting. Hosting is basically the physical location where the data for your website is stored. Most people do not know that hosting is a very carbon-heavy business, with emissions rivaling that of the entire airline industry. 

For that reason, we feel it’s important to make sure the hosting we use is not contributing to this problem. GreenGeeks is the most environmentally-friendly hosting service in the industry due to their program of purchasing carbon-offsets at 300% of their energy usage. 

They are very affordable, matching prices at the budget end of the hosting spectrum, but do not compromise on their services offered or their customer support.  

Greengeeks offers managed wordpress hosting plans, including nightly backups, security, and wordpress updates. We are an affiliate of GreenGeeks due to our high confidence in their business model and their services. Keep in mind that we may receive a commission when you purchase Greengeeks hosting through our site. However, this does not impact our assessment of their hosting services. We are an affiliate of them because we ABSOLUTELY LOVE what they are doing. 

If you choose to have us build your website, we will strongly encourage you to choose GreenGeeks hosting because we think they are the bomb. We host all of our sites with them and we tell everyone we know about them because we love them!.

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